1st day -Bangkok City-
<Lunch near Assumption Univ.>

<Friends: Gaten, Birdie, Torig, Lynne>
<In Lynne's big car>

<BKK drivers are sooo dangerous~~>
  I went there with 2 of my Japanese friends, Gaten and Torig.
   After we arrived at the airport, we joined my friends in Thailand, Lynne and Birdie. Lynne is my first Thai friend, and has known each other for years. She helps her family's work, and also study in a graduate school. Working student, Great person~~. And I met Birdie on the net a year before. Even though she's just 21, she already graduated from univ(because she skipped some of highschool), and now works in AP HONDA. Very cool.
  We took Lynne's car, and look around in Bangkok, around their universities, big-supermarket, temple, restaurant etc. it was sooo convenient sightseeing, we can't say enough thanks to them~~. Thanks sooo much!!

  BKK was soo hot for us Japanese, especially in the first day. It was not just hot but rather humid. But in the end of the trip, I got used to the humid. So, I think we Japanese don't need to worry so much about Thai weather. And Thai foods' taste is generally too much (at least for me). Some was too spicy for me, and others was too sweet for me. I don't mean that Thai foods were are not good, but it took time to get used to the strong taste. :p

  The hotel which we stayed in is Premier Inn. The price was 1050 bahts. The room was so so, but it was convenient because there's skytrain station near. If you don't mind using transportation, it's better than staying in hotels in downtonw(more expensive).
<Wat Phra kaeo>

<Did we look like Thai?>
<Near Thammasat Univ>

<many, many many people~~>
2nd day -Ayutthaya and a company...-
<BTS Skytrain Station>

<Too much air-conditioned...>
<Keyboard with Thai letters>

<How to use them?>
  On the 2nd day, we woke up early in the morning, and went to Ayutthaya by bus. but because it was difficult to find bus station, so it took long time from the hotel to there... (We took BTS skytrain from the hotel to the bus terminal station)
  After arriving at Ayutthaya, I part from the other two friends, and just stayed in a restaurant(of a guest house), talked with a tourist stayed there. They(Torig and Gaten) borrowed bicycles, and went sightseeing. But we had much time, it was just 2 hours in Ayutthaya. Even though we arrived there at 10:30, we left there at 12:30.

  After coming back to BKK, we took a taxi to AP HONDA's office, where my friend Birdie works. At first, we thought that we could watch just around there, like ones of many guests. So we didn't prepare anything, wearing casual clothes. So when the a sale representative of the office came to see us, we were so surprised! And when the director of the company came, we were tooooo surprised! (and worried :p )
  In VIP room, we heared many from the director. Even though we were worried at first, eventually it turned good experience for us. His stories were interesting for us. (they were about business and economy of Thailand, Thai people's way of thinking, their thought about Japan, and Japan's future) However, even though the stories were interesting for me, I couldn't concentrate on so much. The problem was too much air-condition(too cool for our thin clothes!) :p
  Anyway, we need to say thanks(and sorry for disturbing?) to them, the director and manager.
<Lunch in Ayutthaya>

<It was like Chinese>
<Reception of AP HONDA>

<Too casual clothes for the area?>
  After that, we had her take us to the station in BKK (too disturbing friends?). We bought tickets of train to Chiang Mai(but all we did was just following her, so there was no trouble in buying tickets :p). It cost around 600-700bahts, but we didn't need to pay for accommodation, so the price is reasonable.
  The rooms were air-conditioned, so it was comfortable. As the photo below, there's no beds there. So when we want to sleep in bed, we need to ask a conductor to change the seat to the bed. It's different from Japan, but I thought Thai style was more useful. Maybe because there're few conductors in trains in Japan, so they can't do like Thai trains?

  Seeing outside from the window was interesting for me. Even though it was too dark(because it was night), we could feel the difference from traveling in Japan. And it was different also from traveling in east of Australia. Of course, traveling by train needs much time than traveling by bus or airplane, it's nice for me.
<Ticketing place of a station>

<Many foreign tourists!>
<Station clerk and Birdie>

<All we could do was just waiting? :p>
<In the train, sleeping car>

<Each seats can be changed to beds>